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Who We Are

Sound Care Wellness strives to improve the Mental Well being of vulnerable members of the community through empowerment.

We believe that when people feel empowered, their mental well being improves. Through empowerment we help vulnerable members of the community regain a sense of control over their lives: this is motivating,increases self confidence and autonomy. 

We empower community members by providing supports in areas of education, literacy, employment, life skills counselling, mental and physical support services. 

While we serve all community members, priority is given to the most vulnerable including women, girls and youths who are black from African decent and are black.

We are black governed, black led and black managed. 

Empower vulnerable members of the community with access to education, mental and physical health support, thereby improving individual and community wellbeing. 

A future where every vulnerable member of the community reaches optimal mental wellbeing. 

We are Multilingual

In an effort to ensure that all vulnerable members of the African and Black communities are served with life essentials, we provide services in English, French, Swahili, Somali, Yoruba and Ibo. If we don't speak your language, we will find a partner organization who does!

Simply call us and let us know what language you require service in. 

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